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Amina Allam has worked as an international model during 10 years both in Morocco and abroad. She’s known from numerous magazine covers, advertising campaigns and fashion shows during her professional career. 
Winner of the Mission Fashion 2007 model contest in Lebanon, she pursued her modeling career in Beyrouth. 
After cosmetic studies, Amina continued her studies at the INTERDEC College in Montreal. There, she continued her training in the field of beauty and fashion in order to better share her experience and knowledge with her clients whether women, men or enterprises.

I told you recently about my new partnership with MEGZToday I’m pleased to present the firstarticle I received from this online store that proposes beautiful items  with interesting prices. It’slong dress with a draped back. It’s in  jersey, quite thick actually, so the dress stays well inshape  while remaining fluid. I like the fact that the top is white and the skirt camel. It looks in fact like a 2-piece setYou can wear it without a beltbut I put a large black belt to enhance mywaistline and the belt goes well with my sandalsmy bag and my hat, all black. Furthermore, mynecklace is from the new collection of Venise Bijoux  and the ring with the amethyst is a gift that I received during my recent visit to Sri Lanka. I took pictures for a large jeweler and the teamoffered me this beautiful gift :) Thank you to all my sponsors!

Good morning – wishing you all a  nice Saturday! Today I’m showing you a rather chic  black look – only my pumps are nude. I’m wearing a body under a high waist maxi skirt and a studded biker jacket which is made of a cotton, nylon and polyester blend. The necklace and the shoes, which create a contrast to the all black outfit, make this look somewhat lighter and I could wear this to go out or even to an exhibition.

Hello my friends. I wish you all a beautiful week :) Today I’m proposing this city look composed of a fuchsia pink waistcoat, ripped jeans and a black tank top. The MEGZ waistcoat is sold with a belt, but I chose to wear it without it this time. Furthermore, as accessories, I chose a pair of sunnies, a colorful necklace, a pair of slippers with an embroidered eye on them, and a small studded bag.

Hello! I hope that you’re all fine today. In these pictures, I’m wearing I new blouse I received from Megz, my new sponsor. It’s in white georgette with a black removable collar which makes it possible to completely change its style.  I like MEGZ items, because their measurements are correct and comply with the sizes given on their web site, which is not always the case with Asian online stores. I mixed the blouse with a printed mini skirt and blue accessories.

Hello friends! Friday – my favorite day of the week :) Tonight I’m showing you this chic outfit that I would wear for going out, not during Ramadan though, since the MEGZ asymmetric top leaves a part of the waistline naked. It has a kind of ruffle on one half of the waistline, it’s quite original. I love MEGZ’s items which are of good quality and very stylish. Also, their size chart is correct – even me, very tall, get  lucky on their web site. I matched the top with culotte pants, very trendy at the moment. The outfit is all black except for my studded red Valentino shoes :)

Moved to UK about 5 years ago for life change and some sort of new experience, challenges and better way of life.
Working myself in luxury retail in top world luxury place called Harrods.
  I've always been doing photo shoots since I remember myself styling and layering some outfits and nice clothes, got more interested when I became friends with one famous blogger and I started to help her with shoots and styling, so that's how I registered on LookBook and also ModelMayhem:)
 There's no particular preference in styles or colours, because I've noticed that my style smoothly changes or slightly upgrades every year, so it's hard to say what I really like, well obviously from must-have clothes in wardrobe like black dress, black heels etc:)
 I do like online shopping, I honestly hate shopping, going from store to store, see all clothes, try them on, I find it very tiring and boring. I do like online shopping and 80& of my wardrobe been purchased online.
 My dream is to become a PA, however I enjoy luxury retail as it's something that combines two interesting pleasant things: clienteling and fashion:)

Different Colors & Different Styles by Diana Horsfall (Queenhorsfall) is a personal blog in style of street fashion. Diana born and raised in Kazakhstan, but traveled for last 6 years out of home (Germany 2009-2013, USA 2012, 2013-2014 South Korea, currently in Williamsburg, VA, USA). Diana graduated from North Kazakhstan State University with Bachelor of Teaching German and English languages, she also studied in Germany with Bachelor of Arts: Linguistics.
Her goal is to work in the fashion industry, ultimately as a designer and storeowner.  She wishes to share her experiences and insights on fashion ideas, styles, and identities that she learned from extensive travel in Central Asia, Europe, America, and Asia.

Who said you can't wear wide leg pants if you are short!? Definitely not me! I have been looking for white pants for a while. And found them at Megz Fashion! Yeah!  Since I'm short, I would advise you to buy them long, so they hide your heels.  You will have a taller look.


Hi, guys! Today, I would love to share with you my collaboration with Megz Fashion.Co.UK. Megz Fashion is a European brand founded by Bulgarian designer Miglena Kakanasheva. When I got the package, I was so excited when thinking of how to style it. Since we stayed a night in Virginia Beach, I had plans to shoot at a nearby light house.  However, when I checked the location, I wasn't really happy with it, and plus, it was too freaking hot to be outside in a long gown. Anyway, we found a good spot at the hotel that had perfect light, and I started to pose. Hehe. 
I'm wearing a high waisted maxi skirt that I paired with an elegant top that I got from Megz Fashion. To add an edgy look, I picked a statement pearl necklace.  I think I'm ready for the next ball event! ;)

Blouse |  Megz Fashion  Skirt | Megz Fashion

Sofia Elbo, a French Fashionista / Beauty addict and Youtuber. She has her own vision of Beauty and Gives to her subscribers good tips to keep them selves in trend but always chic and classy ! 
U can check here amazing universe on :
✖️ Youtube Channel : Sofia Elbo_Beauty
✖️ Instagram : SofiaElbo_beauty

I’m Priscilla Andalia, the stylist, photographer, model, and writer behind Best Trends For Life. I’m a 20 something year old who is obsessed with fashion and photography. I started BTFL in August 2014 as an outlet for me to continue with my passion for fashion and photography as I pursue my dream of becoming a dentist.
If you asked me to define my style, I would have a pretty difficult time coming up with a concise answer. My style is always evolving and is not easily labeled as one thing - preppy, edgy, or punk. I use fashion as a way to express myself and to tell the complicated story that is my personal style. This blog allows me to share my story and hopefully inspire other women to channel their inner fashionista!

Today's outfit features these beautiful bold ruffles! This unique Sleeveless Harb Top, by MEGZ, is an eye-catching blouse that makes quite a statement. The large ruffles around the edges of the blouse create a flowery, summer-worthy look that is to die for. And to contrast the brilliant white of the blouse, I paired it with these icy-blue High Waisted Shorts, also by MEGZ. The pleats on these trendy shorts are designed to create a puffy and wrinkled appearance. But my favorite thing about this outfit  is that together, the shorts and blouse only cost $40!

Today on BTFL, I'm sharing with you guys a few of my new favorite fashion pieces! Let's start off with my current midi skirt obsession. The midi skater skirt is a popular 50's fashion trend that has re-surfaced, as do many fads throughout history. MEGZ, a fast growing European fashion boutique, offers this adorable Midi Skater Skirt in both black and white for an unbeatable price. The pleated knee-length design offers a conservative look - perfect for the office or the park! Playing off that conservative vibe, I've paired the skirt with the Collared Accessory Shirt, by MEGZ

Friendship gave birth to the idea to start doing what we love and what we are best at, and share this passion of ours with the rest. Why not try to pass our energy, inspiration, style and feelings to the others and thus make them part of the magic?
This is not simply a blog with photos, but photos which bear our spark and spirit. This is us. Zvezdelina and Kaloyan – two friends who travel and explore the world with a couple of dresses and lenses and the mission to find and show you the beauty hidden in even the most insignificant of things.
This is Mint Stories.
This is us.

Today am sharing with you, my beautiful nude dress from Megz which is one of the fastest european growing brands. Before I start I have to mention that summer is the best season ever. Choosing a dress from the online store was so hard, lots of catchy and gorgeous skirts, so i decided to go with this summer nude evening maxi gown from Megz which is also available in black and pink.
 This dress is neatly sewn and the lace parts are well closed up. I wore the Xsmall, which gave me a perfect fit. What are your worries about  shopping with Megz, shipping? It arrives in less that 10 days.
The bridal look came out as planned, thanks to fashion bride for this lovely veil. We want to know what you think about this dress and please visit the online store, they've got lots to offer.You can shop with Megz on Esty.

Казвам се Ивана и съм на 27 години. Зодия Близнаци съм и обожавам котки и татуировки :) Интересувам се от мода, козметика, книги и музика. Винаги съм обичала модата, защото тя ми дава възможност да изразявам себе си и да бъда различна всеки ден. Вдъхновяват ме новите тенденции и чуждестранните модни блогъри, които търсят уникалното. Не вярвам в сляпото следване на тенденции и имитирането на чужд стил. Според мен модата трябва да отразява личния стил. В блогът ми споделям света такъв, какъвто го виждам аз - пълен с възможности да бъдеш себе си.


Първата визия, която реших да ви покажа е елегантна, изчистена и е подходяща за специален повод – сватба, бал, коктейл или нещо такова. Съчетах роклята с любимият ми метален колан и тъй като и деколтето и колана привличат доста внимание, реших да не слагам колие. Достатъчно е да добавите интересни обеци и сте good to go, както се казва . За да допълня елегантната визия избрах тези черни сандали с висок ток, които според мен са страшно красиви и секси. Определено тази рокля ме накара да се почувствам като принцеса!

Време за Dress Down или за по-небрежният, рок шик  вариант на тази рокля! Както казах вече, кецовете и коженото яке са задължителни в моя гардероб и не пропуснах възможността да ги съчетая и с новата ми любима рокля! Този път реших да не слагам колан, а да избера statement колие, което няма да остане незабелязано. Добавих и сребърни гривни, които да са в тон с колието. Dress Up визията ме накара да се почувствам като принцеса, а Dress Down визията – като рок принцеса! Вторият аутфит е по-разчупен и младежки, със съвсем различно излъчване .Аз съм влюб&

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